NHF is the first graduation seal created in Chile, which guarantees honey properties. This was developed between 2015 and 2018 in conjunction with Gloria Montenegro, a scientist with great international prestige in the study of native plants and honeys.​ Development of the certification in its first stage, was carried out taking into account the analysis of the compounds and properties of the honeys. For this, 30 years of research and more than 500 types of honeys from all over the world were considered.​ After these results, the measurement parameters and protocols for graduation were created.​


The methodology consists of measuring the antibacterial capacity of honey against four types of bacteria (known to originate a large number of diseases and infections on the human being).​ ​ * Streptococcus pyogenes ​ * Straphylococcus aureus ​ * Escherichia coli ​ * Pseudomona aeruginosa​ This measurement is done in vitro in specialized microbiological laboratories, certifying the results.​

With the NHF seal we guarantee​

Levels of phenolic compounds and hydrogen peroxide, directly reflected in honey’s bioactivity.

Native flora certifying botanical origin.

Production of bees that inhabit isolated native forests, without any type of pollutants.

Products with the highest manufacturing standards.


eal values consist of 4 honey graduations: 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+.​ The higher the number, the higher the honey antibacterial level (more phenolic compounds and hydrogen peroxide).​ Reference: Penicillin is at the 10+ range upwards.​ All honeys with the NHF seal have traceability that allows us to identify hives locations.​


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